• 2016YEAR

    In April 2016, due to the needs of the company's scale expansion and business development, we moved new plants, improved the company's production, quality, technology, sales and service platforms, and faced the future. We dare to play the sword.

  • 2015YEAR

    In March 2015, the company's annual sales exceeded 50 million.

  • 2014YEAR

    In May 2014, the company's scale continued to expand, with more than 300 excellent employees, such a strong team, the company will continue to be demand-oriented, R & D-driven, and constantly customize more customized high-quality battery solutions for you

  • 2013YEAR

    In December 2013, the company introduced new and high-tech equipment, and after the battery was produced into finished products, the battery voltage and internal resistance were uniform through advanced equipment and technology processing, so as to effectively guarantee the unity of battery performance and quality to the whole country and build an international brand.

  • 2012YEAR

    In April 2012, the company invested heavily in introducing laser spot welding machine, becoming the first professional manufacturer of laser spot welding button battery in China.

    In June 2012, the company invested heavily in the upgrading of manufacturing machines and equipment, and the transformation of factory buildings. The hardware of the factory was upgraded and the appearance of the factory was changed.

    In December 2012, the company and a domestic organization independently developed the most advanced automatic casing machine for solder pin battery, which improved the uniformity, stability and appearance of solder pin button battery.

  • 2011YEAR

    In July 2011, the company independently developed the partial tinned solder pad test, and passed the national patent, becoming the first domestic manufacturer with the same process as Japanese brand solder pin battery.

  • 2010YEAR

    In March 2010, the company was located in Gongming battery manufacturing base in Shenzhen.

    In June 2010, the company provided the Bank of China, China Construction Bank, etc. with dedicated solder pin batteries for online banking tokens.

    In September 2010, the company spent a lot of money on interior decoration, building a high dust-free workshop, and installing central air conditioning, so as to provide employees with a comfortable and beautiful working environment.

  • 2009YEAR

    In March 2009, the company cooperated with a number of notebook manufacturers to produce additional battery of Malak brand.

  • 2008YEAR

    In August 2008, the company began to process Japanese brand solder pin batteries for Panasonic and Hitachi.

  • 2007YEAR

    In May 2007, the company developed a solution for digital photo frame dedicated solder pin battery.

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