The LIR2450 is a 3.6V button-type rechargeable lithium-ion battery. It belongs to the same kind of mobile phone lithium battery, MP3 rechargeable lithium battery, which are common to all, are 3.6V lithium ion battery. For details, please download the specification reference, or call our national free service hotline: 400-088-2032!
Product overview

First, the product introduction

Our company is committed to the production of button batteries for more than ten years. After intensive research and practice, it has solved the problems of short storage period and unstable charging and discharging of LIR series button batteries. At present, our company's LIR series button batteries have a storage period of more than one year. The monthly self-discharge rate is less than 3%, and the number of charge and discharge cycles is more than 500 cycles.

型   号标准电压标准电容最大放电电流重  量
LIR1130  3.6V  8mAh 1.0C mA 0.8g
LIR1220  3.6V  8mAh 1.0C mA 0.8g
LIR1254  3.6V  40mAh 0.5C mA 1.6g
LIR1620  3.6V  16mAh 1.0C mA 1.2g
LIR1632  3.6V  25mAh 1.0C mA 1.7g
LIR1654  3.6V   75mAh 2.0C mA 3.2g
LIR2016  3.6V  18mAh 2.0C mA 1.7g
LIR2025  3.6V  25mAh 2.0C mA 2.3g
LIR2032  3.6V  40mAh 2.0C mA 2.8g
LIR2430  3.6V  60mAh 2.0C mA 3.8g
LIR2440  3.6V  80mAh  2.0C mA 4.4g
LIR2450  3.6V  120mAh  2.0C mA 5.0g
LIR2466  3.6V  150mAh  2.0C mA 5.9g
LIR2477  3.6V  180mAh  2.0C mA 7.0g
LIR3048  3.6V  180mAh  2.0C mA 7.3g

Second, the welding foot processing

The soldering foot battery is a way for the button battery to connect to the PCB board, which has the following advantages:

1. High reliability and not easy to fall off.

2, flexible connection, our company has thousands of soldering foot specifications for customers to choose, can also be customized according to the actual needs of customers.

3. Our company has been developing in the field of button batteries for more than ten years. It integrates the production of soldering chips, battery production and integration of post-battery welding processing, which is a reliable guarantee for the quality of your products.

Third, the application area

1, LED driver.

2, industrial control motherboard.

3. Instrumentation.

4, shoe lights, LED electronic candles.

5. Portable headlights.

6, digital products.

7, electronic scale.

Fourth, the packaging specification


Single tray: 20PCS, 25PCS, 50PCS, 100PCS

Minimum packaging: 200PCS (negotiable)

Regular packaging: 200PCS-1000PCS

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